Sisters of Sinai


(Helen Bond) We’re very pleased to announce that Professor Janet Soskice will be in Edinburgh to give an illustrated lecture on ‘The Sisters of Sinai.’ This will be on Thursday 18 November at 4.10pm in the Martin Hall, New College, followed by a reception in the Rainy Hall. It’s being jointly sponsored by CTPI, and the Theology, History and Ethics PG Seminar, along with CSCO and the Biblical Studies research seminar. Like all our lectures, its free.

The book has been very well received, and I enjoyed the parts I heard when it was Book of the Week on Radio 4 some time ago. It’s now out in paperback – there’s just time to read it in advance!

Everyone welcome.


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  1. Excellent and entertaining book and I’m sorry I missed the launch in Edinburgh last time. Won’t make this event either, unfortunately.
    Just as a little aside – I always feel very indebted to Prof. Soskice. It was a review of one of her books which kept my marks up in 2nd year God in Philosophy class (ST2A).

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