Visit of Prof. John Kloppenborg


(Paul Foster)  On Monday the 6th of December, Edinburgh will be hosting Prof. John Kloppenborg of the University of Toronto for a day conference. Prof. Kloppenborg is one of the most prominent New Testament scholars of his generation. His research interests include: The Q Source; Oral Tradition in Early Christianity; Parables of Jesus; and James (he is currently writing the Hermeneia commentary).

The schedule for the day is as follows (all events in Martin Hall):

10.00 Kloppenborg on Q (Dr Bond introducing and chairing) Listen Here

 10.45 Coffee break

11.15 Kloppenborg ‘interview’ with questions from floor (Dr Foster chairing) Listen Here

12.30 Lunch Rainy Hall with Postgrad students

2.30 Paper ‘Memory, performance and the sayings of Jesus’ (Prof Hurtado chairing) Listen Here

4.00 Drinks in the Wash

All are welcome!

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