Day in Honour of Larry Hurtado—audio


(Mark Batluck, PhD Candidate) Friday, October 7th, CSCO held a day conference in honour of Professor Larry Hurtado (the day’s schedule is posted here). The conference was well attended and included a great deal of stimulating discussion. Posted below is the audio from the lectures.

Helen Bond, ‘Appreciation for Larry Hurtado and his Career,’ (8min)

Tommy Wasserman, ‘How on Earth did Larry Hurtado become a Text Critic?‘ (56min), Q & A (8min), and handout

Thomas Kraus, ‘Larry Hurtado and Manuscripts,’ (71min)

Larry Hurtado, Response to Wasserman and Kraus, (11min)

Richard Bauckham, ‘Devotion to Jesus Christ in Earliest Christianity—An Appreciation and Discussion of Hurtado’s Work,’ (62min). Bauckham Handout for the above lecture is here.

Bauckham Q & A (17min)

Hurtado/Bauckham discussion (41min)

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