New Volume on the New Testament Text


(Larry Hurtado): One of our PhD graduates from a few year ago, Michael Kruger, together with Charles Hill, edited a multi-author volume just published by Oxford University Press that is worth note: The Early Text of the New Testament. Other contributors include our own Dr. Paul Foster (“The Text of the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers”), and former PhD students: Michael Kruger (“Early Christian Attitudes Toward the Reproduction of Texts”), and Dieter Roth (“Marcion and the New Testament Text”). My own contribution = “Toward a Sociology of Reading in Early Christianity”).

Here’s the link to Kruger’s own blog site, giving the full contents and line-up:

About larryhurtado

I'm a scholar in New Testament and Christian Origins, currently Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology in the University of Edinburgh (since 1996), and previously Professor in the Department of Relgiion, University of Manitoba.

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