Followup: St Andrews Conference on Galatians and Christian Theology


(Matthew Novenson) Last week the good people at the University of St Andrews put on a very fine conference on Galatians and Christian theology (see my previous post). Edinburgh was well represented: A number of our postgrads attended, I gave a paper on Ioudaismos in Galatians 1, and Oliver O’Donovan gave an excellent keynote paper on flesh and spirit in Galatians 5. Other highlights included N. T. Wright’s keynote paper on the messiahship of Jesus in Galatians and Richard Hays’s keynote paper assessing the adequacy of the descriptor “apocalyptic” for the theology of Galatians. There was also a lively discussion of the notorious Pauline phrase pistis Christou and the theological stakes in its translation. Thanks to Mark Elliott, Beth Tracy, and the other St Andrews staff and students for their hard work. I believe that a published volume of conference proceedings is in the works, so interested parties should keep an eye out for that.

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