New Volume on Luke-Acts


One of our most recent PhD graduates, Sean Adams, co-edited (with Michael Pahl) a newly-published multi-author volume on the Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles on that will be of interest especially to advanced students and other serious readers:  Issues in Luke-Acts:  Selected Essays (Piscataway, NJ:  Gorgias Press, 2012).

The various contributions address pretty much all the major issues in recent/current scholarly discussion about “Luke-Acts”:  Authorship, Unity of Luke-Acts, Text, Sources, Genre, Narrative character, Use of the Old Testament, the Speeches in Acts, Pneumatology, Christoloty in Acts, the Paul of Acts, Patristic reception of Luke & Acts, and Luke-Acts and “Early Catholicism”.

Contributors include several recent and current PhD students:  Dieter Roth (“The Text of Luke and Acts”), Brandon Drowe (“The Sources for Luke and Acts”), Sean Adams (The Genre of Luke and Acts”), and Karl Shuve (“The Patristic Reception of Luke and Acts,” with special reference to Origen and Chrysostom).  Congratulations to Sean, who commences his British Academy Postdoctoral post here in September.

About larryhurtado

I'm a scholar in New Testament and Christian Origins, currently Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology in the University of Edinburgh (since 1996), and previously Professor in the Department of Relgiion, University of Manitoba.

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