Hunterian trip


(Helen Bond).  Further to Matt’s blog (below), I can report that the trip to the Hunterian Museum was a big success. A dozen or so of us made our way over to Glasgow and had a really interesting day out.

For anyone who hasn’t been, the Hunterian is a lovely, quirky little museum where you might find cases of beetles nestling next to Egyptian mummies, rows of eighteenth century jugs next to African spears, and jars of medical specimens next to a dinosaur bone. The Antonine wall exhibit is small, but contains a number of distance slabs, inscribed and often decorated by the legions who built the wall. There are also altars, grave stones, sandals and other artefacts. Here are some of Frank Dicken’s photos:


Hunterian 2

The Hunterian is rightly proud of its numismatics collection, which has some beautiful pieces. Along with Tyrian shekels, we had a good look at their Jewish coins –  those of various Herods, the Roman prefects, those struck during the siege of Jerusalem and the Iudaea Capta ones issued with great enthusiasm by the new Flavian emperors. We were able to pass them round, and get a feel for their weight and designs.

The museum staff were extremely generous with their time – there’s a good chance we’ll be repeating the visit in years to come.


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