Centre for the Study of Christian Origins

“The Obedient Son”: Brandon Crowe’s New Book


(Larry Hurtado):  I’ve just been perusing a new book by one of our former PhD students, Brandon Crowe (2010), now Assistant Professor of New Testament in Westminster Theological Seminary.  Brandon’s book is a revised version of his PhD thesis:  The Obedient Son:  Deuteronomy and Christology in the Gospel of Matthew (BZNW 188; Berlin:  De Gruyter, 2012). 

He argues that the theme/emphasis in Deuteronomy on Israel’s sonship to God as requiring obedience contributed significantly to the presentation of Jesus as God’s Son in the Gospel of Matthew.  To cite Crowe’s words, “Matthew . . . thus articulates the story of Jesus in contrqst to Israel, using Son of God as a primary means for conveying this asymmetrical correspondence.”  In Crowe’s argument, this has both christological and soteriological implications:  “The obedience of Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s requirements for Israel thereby enables those who are unable themselves to ‘fulfill all righteiousness’ to be part of God’s family through the Son who has proven obedient on their behalf.” 

It’s always satisfying to see our PhD students succeeding and making contributions to scholarship.  Hearty congratulations, Brandon!