Annual MTh dissertation proposal presentations


(Matthew Novenson) Yesterday we had our annual roundup of MTh dissertation proposal presentations, in which each Biblical Studies MTh student gives a brief oral presentation of her intended dissertation research and fields questions from an audience of staff and postgraduate students. MTh dissertations this year include such topics as: word order in the Hebrew of Amos, ancient Jewish perspectives on foreign rule and justified violence, religious themes in Roman imperial hymns, the parable of the unjust steward from in light of joke theory, and Puritan reception history of the farewell discourse in John. The Edinburgh MTh in Biblical Studies is a one-year program geared toward preparing students for PhD research in the field. It involves intensive study in biblical and modern research languages, as well as a slate of elective courses in biblical and cognate literature. Any CSCO readers who might be interested in applying to the program will find information on the School of Divinity web site and may also contact me in my capacity as program director in case of further questions.

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