The Reception of the Jesus Tradition in the First Three Centuries – Bond, Keith and Schroeter


We’re pleased to announce that Helen Bond, Jens Schröter (Berlin), and Chris Keith (St Mary’s, Twickenham) recently received a small grant award from the British Academy.  The grant funds a planning year for the three of us to work towards a major three-volume reference work on the reception of the Jesus tradition in the first three centuries of early Christianity in both literary and visual cultures.  Accompanying this reference volume will be several monographs on focused topics, annual conferences in London, Edinburgh, and Berlin, and a range of other Knowledge-Transfer events. 

The larger grant application (which we will apply for at the end of this calendar year) will include funds for at least three PhD studentships (tuition plus stipend), one each at St Mary’s, Edinburgh, and Berlin.  These students will go through their respective programmes as something of a cohort attached to the grant project, meeting together at the annual conference and (hopefully) publishing their studies as part of the overall project.  We are still a short distance from that, but this small research grant is the first step in that direction.  If there are any potential PhD students who would like to be part of this exciting project, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Keith in the first instance ( or Helen Bond ( Please note, though, that any PhD studentships would not start before Autumn 2014 at the earliest.


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