The Bible on British TV


(Helen Bond) History Channel’s ‘epic TV mini-series’ is due to air in the UK in the run up to Christmas, starting this Saturday (30th Nov) on Channel 5, 9-11 pm. As some of you will know, it’s a dramatic adaptation of the Bible spread over five two-hourly episodes. It’s already been seen in the US, where it attracted huge viewing figures (almost 15 million on the first night), though some controversy too, especially in its presentation of the Hebrew Bible section as little more than the prelude to the New Testament/Jesus. I was one of the historical advisers for the NT section, along with a range of other people – Craig Evans, Mark Goodacre, Candida Moss and Paula Gooder. You can find further details here:

It will be interesting to see how it goes down in the UK – and whether anyone at all watches it! If readers have any comments, I’d be very interested to hear them.

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